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Car dealers and experts in the automotive industry discuss how to go about purchasing a new or used car. Follow these exciting podcasts online.

DNT automotive podcast

DNT automotive podcast - Podcasts

This podcast is sponsored by The Dave Cantin Group and COX Automotive. It features experts in the automotive industry as they discuss the latest news and information about the dealership industry.

The host has interviews with top executives, automotive specialists, and other people that operate in the industry. Listen to industry powerhouses from around the world.

Flat Rate Tech Podcast

Flat Rate Tech Podcast - Podcasts

This podcast is for Automotive fanatics who are keen on learning more about the industry from mechanics and automotive experts. The host discusses the good and the bad side of purchasing a new car over an old reliable, used vehicle. The host introduces buyers to the market by laying down guidelines for navigating the industry.

Parkway Auto Trade

Parkway Auto Trade - Podcasts

Catch this podcast to meet the hosts, Carmine Mallozzi and Vince Ieluzzi. They discuss how you can customise a used vehicle and how you can communicate with dealerships from the comfort of your own home or office. They discuss how to go about finding the car of your dreams while saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Driving Vision Podcast: Future of Auto is Today

The Zeigler Automotive Group captains this podcast. The company is currently one of the largest privately-owned dealer groups in the United States. It currently manages 78 franchises in the automotive sector.

The show discusses domestic and imported car manufacturers. The car dealerships have a reputation for their unwavering commitment to service and excellence. The host provides the latest news in the automotive industry and gives updates on the latest automotive technologies in the market.

Users can follow these podcasts to learn about the automotive industry, dealerships, and purchasing a new car. Get in touch with Perth City Nissan to find out more.